Common Ford F150 Issues That Could Affect Its Performance

Ford F150 is one of the most popular trucks in the world. The truck has become synonymous with American culture. Despite its popularity, this vehicle has some common problems that can affect its performance. These include issues such as transmission failure, brake system malfunction, and electrical problems.

Fortunately, a trusted Tempe lemon law attorney created this list with the most common problems so you can be ready for them. This way, if you ever consider buying a Ford F150, you will know how to ensure it doesn’t have any of the problems below. 

Ford F150 in Arizona

MyFord Touch Complaints (Generation 12 and 13)

There have been multiple reports of MyFord Touch issues with the Ford F-Series. Though intended to improve the console’s technological capabilities, many owners have found it unstable.

As a result, car buyers have vowed to file a class-action lawsuit against the company. The plaintiffs contend that MyFord Touch’s buggy features have disabled several essential car instructions. 

For instance, complaints mention that the feature prompts on F-150s fail to activate the defroster or rear-view camera. Navigation and reduced temperature control are two more features that also have these issues.

Trucks With Frozen Handles

Frozen door handle latches have been one of the most prevalent issues with 2015–2017 F-Series trucks. The latch frequently fails to engage with the door striker at subzero temperatures. As a result, if the car is moving, the door can fly open. Occasionally, the door will freeze shut, trapping the driver inside.

This problem was quickly bigger than expected. According to our Apache Junction lemon law attorney, it was soon an issue to take to court. 

Although rejected in court, the case involving the frozen handle issue prompted the carmaker to recall almost 1.3 million trucks in October 2017. In a statement, Ford promised to add water shields over the latches on the trucks to address the problem. The automaker’s assembly sites in Kentucky, Michigan, and Missouri produced the recalled trucks.

Gearshift Issues

A recall of 15,000 trucks has been issued for the 2017 Ford F-150 due to a transmission problem. According to the company, the 10-speed gear in its 2017 trucks was designed to keep the vehicle in the same ratio regardless of shift-lever position. 

Sadly, this function has led to gearshifts disconnected from the transmission and preventing the car from shifting.

The worst-case situation is that while the transmission is still moving, the shift lever could detect the truck as being parked.

Electronic Throttle Body Malfunctioning

Ford car electronic throttle body problems have a long history. The electronic throttle body (ETB) in modern Ford F-Series trucks is data-controlled. The throttle valve, which regulates the amount of air passing to the engine, receives sensory input from the ETB. 

According to our Chandler lemon law attorney, recent Ford F-150 models occasionally have a problem known as “limp mode,” in which the ETB stops reading, making the truck abruptly lose propulsion. This is a serious issue for many drivers who expect excellent performance.

Replacement parts are frequently back-ordered due to the high frequency of “limp mode” issues on 13th-generation F-Series cars. Ford has therefore advised customers to wait for periods that could extend weeks.

Problems With Seat Cooling

Drivers have complained about the seat cooling function on current F-Series cars. In some pickups, the seat will briefly cool before failing to work. 

According to some users, the function will operate along the seat’s base but not the back. The pipe that sends air to the seats frequently comes undone. This issue has been discussed in the 2016 Platinum.

Leak In The Passenger Side Head Gasket

Many owners of the 2009-2014 Ford F-150s have claimed that the head gaskets on their vehicles don’t work, and oil leaks from the passenger side. Auto experts claim that overheating, overfilling, and the breakdown of the gasket covering are to blame for the leaks. 

Burnt oil odor is the first sign of a leak. According to our trusted Gilbert lemon law attorney, this issue is quite common in both new and used F-150 trucks.

When the Ford F-150 has traveled at least 160,000 miles, owners have most frequently reported such leaks.

Some people choose to resolve the issue by putting a JB Weld adhesive on the leaky location. A new head gasket can be expensive.

Oil Pan Gasket Leaks

A Ford F-150’s exhaust system can become clogged with engine oil, leading to an oil pan gasket leak. Similar to the head gasket leak, the telling indicator is when the engine smell like burning oil. 

The cost of replacing a pan gasket is far lower, and it’s a rather simple DIY project. Several F-150 owners claim that by routinely tightening the bolts surrounding the pan gasket, they were able to avoid the issue.

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