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As the “center of all things adventurous and historical in the East Valley,” Apache Junction presents limitless opportunities to explore and enjoy desert life. The far-flung attractions of this scenic region demand reliable transportation. So, if your vehicle is sitting in the repair shop or baking in the sun on the side of the road, you are missing out. If your car, truck, motorcycle, or RV is in the shop a lot, you may have a lemon. You have rights, and you should be compensated for your inconvenience.

A lemon in the automobile manufacturing industry is a new car, truck, motorcycle, ATV, UTV, or RV that does not live up to the manufacturer’s warranty and cannot be repaired in a reasonable number of attempts. A surprising number of vehicles leave the assembly plant with defects, and because you invest a substantial sum on a new vehicle, federal and state Lemon Laws have been established to spell out the terms under which a vehicle is classified as a lemon. If your car, truck, RV or other conveyance qualifies under the law as a lemon, you are entitled to redress.

The term “lemon,” meaning a bad deal, first appeared in Britain in the early 1900s. To receive a “lemon” in those early days indicated that the person received an item of substandard quality. That definition fits well with cars and trucks that do not meet the quality standards laid out in the manufacturer’s warranty.

According to the Federal Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act and the Arizona Motor Vehicle Warranties Act, a lemon is a vehicle with unrepairable defects that impair its safety, use, or value. When a vehicle fails to meet the standard of quality in the written warranty after the dealer has attempted a reasonable number of repairs, federal and state laws protect you as the consumer. Michael J. Goodman Lemon Law PLLC specializes in handling Lemon Law cases in Apache Junction and surrounding communities in Arizona. Michael can help you get rid of that sour lemon taste from a poor-quality new vehicle. Contact Michael J. Goodman for a free, no-risk evaluation of your case.

The federal Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act (15 U.S.C. § 2301 et seq.), nicknamed the Federal Lemon Law, defines the rights of those who buy or lease new and used automobiles with a written warranty. Arizona has likewise passed its own Lemon Law, defined in Arizona Revised Statutes Sections 44-1261 to 44-1267.

If you buy or lease a new car in Arizona, it is fully covered by the Arizona Lemon Law. You may return your warrantied vehicle to the dealer or manufacturer if it experiences unrepairable defects during the first two years or 24,000 miles after delivery, whichever comes first. The seller or manufacturer is responsible to compensate you for your loss by refunding the full purchase price of the vehicle or replacing the car with an equivalent vehicle. Your car or truck, however, is not covered by the Lemon Law if it has been damaged as a result of the owner’s improper operation or maintenance.

At any point during the warranty period, if your vehicle breaks down or experiences a component failure, take it to the dealer to have it inspected and repaired. Whether it’s as simple as an annoying noise or as catastrophic as a breakdown on the road, the dealership is responsible to correct the problem free of charge if it is caused by a manufacturing defect. The repair does not have to be completed during the warranty period, so long as you bring the situation to the dealer’s attention while the warranty is still in effect.

If the problem is covered by the warranty, the dealership may try to repair it before they go to the extreme of replacing your car or your money back. The Arizona Lemon Law states that the dealer can try four times to fix the same failure in your vehicle. If the dealer has tried four times to fix the same problem, or if your vehicle has been in the dealer’s shop for more than 30 days for warranty repairs, the dealer is obligated to replace the vehicle or issue a refund. The seller is allowed to charge you a small fee for the time you used the car before it was deemed unrepairable. This fee is based on your actual usage of the vehicle.

Be sure to keep complete and accurate records of the problems you encounter with your new vehicle and the efforts the dealership has made to correct them. Hold onto every receipt and diagnostic report. To file a formal claim with the state or to take your claim to court, you must have unassailable records of everything you and the dealer did to identify and remedy the problem. Without good records, you may not be able to win your case.

Even if your car doesn’t qualify as a lemon under the Arizona Lemon Law, you may still have protection from the Federal Lemon Law or other laws. An attorney should review your claim to determine your rights.

A used car or truck is covered under the Arizona Lemon Law under two conditions:

  • As long as the original manufacturer’s warranty has not expired, the vehicle is covered by the Lemon Law. In other words, the car maker is responsible to repair manufacturing defects for up to two years or 24,000 miles, regardless of who owns the vehicle at the time the defect is found.
  • Even if the original warranty has expired, a used car bought “as is” is still covered by the Arizona Lemon Law for the first 15 days or 500 miles after purchase. If your used car or truck experiences a major component failure within the 15-day/500-mile limit, you pay $25 for the first two repairs, and then the seller is required to give you a full refund of the purchase price.
Legal counsel is your right under the law if you suspect you may have a lemon on your hands. Don’t hesitate to speak to a lemon Law specialist. To delay is never to your advantage.

The state and federal Lemon Laws have many nuances and intricacies. An attorney experienced in Lemon Law can help you quickly determine whether you have a legitimate claim. Both the dealership and the car maker have powerful lawyers on staff to protect their rights. You need legal representation to ensure your rights are acknowledged and to force the companies to live up to their legal and ethical responsibilities.

While most dealerships are fair and honest when dealing with warranty claims, some sellers may take advantage of an uninformed consumer. A lawyer specializing in Lemon Law will champion your legal rights and refute unfair and illegal practices by an unscrupulous dealer.

An attorney can often resolve your claim without having to resort to a formal lawsuit. The car companies and dealerships don’t want to waste their time and money going to court when they know they are in the wrong. When you involve an attorney, the other guys know you have the facts and the documentation to prove your claim and are serious about protecting your rights. Having a lawyer on your side can mean the difference between receiving a fair settlement and getting shut out with no compensation.

Michael J. Goodman Lemon Law PLLC will provide you with a no-cost, risk-free professional consultation to ensure your rights are protected. Michael is a former prosecutor and Assistant Attorney General. He relies on his extensive background in Lemon Law negotiations to ensure your claim processes without delay. Over 95 percent of the claims Michael’s firm handles are settled out of court, saving you valuable time and inconvenience. Michael defends your legal rights and stands up to the big companies. His professional approach and unique strategies are designed to meet the challenges of Lemon Law negotiations.

If you are worried because you think a lawyer might be expensive, rest assured that legal representation will cost you nothing when you win your case. According to the Arizona Lemon Law, the consumer pays nothing for legal services to settle a claim. In other words, the cost of hiring an attorney is $0 to you as the consumer. The manufacturer or seller is required to pay all legal fees and court costs when the buyer wins the case. Michael gets paid only if you win your case, and then, he is paid by the manufacturer or seller.

If a lawyer says they will take their fee out of your settlement money, they are not abiding by the law. The Lemon Law clearly states that the manufacturer must pay the attorney fees when the case settles in favor of the buyers. Likewise, avoid lawyers who practice general law or any other type of law, for that matter, besides Lemon Law. Lawyers who don’t specialize in Lemon Law lack the experience and expertise to win your case. Only a lawyer with experience in Lemon Law understands the nuances of the law to provide you with the best representation.

As with most cases in the American legal system, time is a relative thing. “The wheels of justice turn exceedingly slow,” said Euripides in 405 BC. Nothing has changed in the past two millennia to refute his observation. Historically, however, Michael J. Goodman resolves most cases in thirty to ninety days. After an initial consultation, and with your carefully documented records in hand, Michael goes to work. Throughout the process, he keeps you fully informed of every step. If the dealer or manufacturer offers to settle with you, Michael will consult with you to ensure you receive the compensation to which you are entitled.

Michael’s first step is always to try to settle your case by negotiating directly with the dealership. If direct negotiations fail and your claim comes before a judge, Michael will be your legal representative in all stages of your case.

Michael J. Goodman, the foremost Lemon Law attorney in Apache Junction, Arizona, will handle your case with professionalism and his personal touch. Michael’s practice focuses on “Client First.” Some lawyers may charge you a consultation fee or a retainer to take your case, while others may charge you if you decide not to settle. Michael J. Goodman Lemon Law PLLC puts no such burdens on your pocketbook. You’ve already put out a wad of money to buy or lease your defective vehicle. You don’t need to throw good money after bad. In the free, no-obligation initial consultation, Michael and his associates will describe the settlement process and explain if and when you would be expected to pay any fees. You can trust Michael J. Goodman to watch out for you. His sterling reputation is built on fair, honest, and transparent dealings with his clients.

When you talk to Michael, feel free to ask any questions about the Lemon Law and your case, and make sure you provide complete and accurate information when requested. By partnering with Michael J. Goodman Lemon Law PLLC, you can resolve your case quickly and fairly.

The moment you suspect you’ve got a lemon, seek legal advice. To delay in filing a claim is to your detriment. Many hapless owners make the mistake of waiting too long or getting in too deep before they realize they are over their heads and the dealer is taking them for a ride. The initial consultation with the firms of Michael J. Goodman is free, so there is no reason to put off talking to a qualified legal expert. Trying to handle your lemon claim without experienced help is time-consuming, frustrating, and complicated.

Rely on the expertise of a Lemon Law specialist. If this is the first time you have encountered a Lemon Law claim, you don’t know what you don’t know. Learning the complex process of filing and adjudicating a claim by trial and error can be an expensive lesson fraught with pitfalls, any one of which could spell failure for your claim. You can bet this is not the first rodeo for the dealers and car companies you are facing. That’s why they have lawyers. You need equal power on your side. You need someone who knows your rights and knows how the car companies assess lemon claims and try to disqualify them. Without experience in Lemon Law, you lack the knowledge and strategies to win your case. Just one mistake can sink your claim and leave you with that sour lemon taste for a long time. Michael J. Goodman will ensure that you settle for nothing less than you deserve.

If you suspect your vehicle is a lemon, contact a Lemon Law attorney. Don’t waste time and energy trying to resolve your claim on your own. Michael J. Goodman knows the intricacies of Arizona’s Lemon Law. He understands the depth and breadth of the statues and how to maneuver through the legal wranglings. Michael J. Goodman Lemon Law PLLC in Apache Junction, Arizona, offers the legal support you need to quickly get out of your lemon. Trust Michael’s professional ability and extensive experience to protect your rights and win your case.

To identify the best Lemon Law attorney in Apache Junction, Arizona, look at the record. Michael J. Goodman has a proven history winning Lemon Law cases. As a Lemon Law specialist, Michael provides you with a totally personal experience. Your case will get the attention it deserves.

Michael J. Goodman is unique among Arizona’s law firms because he welcomes claims for RVs, UTVs, ATVs, boats, and motorhomes. Most legal firms refuse to handle cases if they are not a typical automobile or truck. Claims involving these non-traditional vehicles can be much more complicated than a simple automobile or truck claim. Michael J Goodman, however, successfully handles claims for virtually any type of motorized vehicle. If your lemon is something other than a typical car or truck, look no further for the help you need.

If you are unsure about whether your vehicle is a lemon or if now is the right time to act, Michael J. Goodman is anxious to consult with you and help you make the right decision. Request your free, no-obligation consultation from Michael J. Goodman Lemon Law PLLC in Apache Junction, Arizona, today.

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