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You enjoy your fabulous new car as you drive it a couple days and put a few miles on it—but then the check engine light interrupts your delight. This could be really bad. Did you get a lemon? The answer depends on whether your vehicle has a written warranty and whether the dealer can fix it when you return it to the place you bought it.

A lemon is a vehicle with defects that cannot be repaired. In any given year, 150,000 cars typically come off the assembly line as lemons. That’s only one percent of all new cars manufactured, making your chances of getting a lemon small, but nevertheless very possible.

Federal and state laws protect consumers with vehicles that cannot meet the terms of quality and reliability in the written warranty once the dealer has tried a reasonable number of repairs. Michael J. Goodman Lemon Law PLLC specializes in handling Lemon Law cases in Gilbert and surrounding communities in Arizona. Don’t get stuck with a lemon. Contact Michael J. Goodman for a free, no-risk evaluation of your case.

New and used automobiles under written warranty are subject to the federal Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act (15 U.S.C. § 2301 et seq.), nicknamed the Federal Lemon Law. All fifty states likewise have enacted Lemon Laws. Arizona’s Lemon Law is the Arizona Motor Vehicle Warranties Act and is defined in Arizona Revised Statutes Sections 44-1261 to 44-1267.

The Arizona Lemon Law provides full protection for new cars. Vehicles under warranty that do not meet the terms of the warranty within the first two years or 24,000 miles can be returned to the dealer or manufacturer. The seller or manufacturer may remedy the situation by:

  • Refunding the full purchase price of the vehicle.
  • Replacing the car.
  • Repairing the defect.

Keep in mind that vehicles are not covered by the Lemon Law if the vehicle is damaged as a result of improper operation or maintenance by the owner.

The seller may choose to repair the defect. The buyer is not responsible for the cost of these warranty repairs. The vehicle’s warranty is presumed breached if the same defect has been repaired four times without satisfactorily resolving the problem, or if the vehicle is out of service for thirty or more days. If the seller cannot repair the defect within these limits, the buyer can receive a replacement vehicle or a full refund. You have a case and should seek legal counsel when the seller has exceeded the 4-repair/30-day limitation.

A vehicle that does not meet or exceed the limits outlined in the Arizona Lemon Law may still qualify for protection under the Federal Lemon Law or other laws. Always seek legal counsel before abandoning your claim.

A used vehicle that is still under the manufacturer’s original warranty is covered the same as a new vehicle. In other words, if you buy a used car that is still within the 2-year/24,000-mile warranty period the warranty is still valid and subject to the Arizona Lemon Law.

Used car dealers may offer a limited warranty when you purchase a vehicle for which the manufacturer’s warranty has expired. Such warranties may also be subject to the Lemon Law. Be advised, however, that buying a “service agreement” from the dealer is not the same thing as a warranty. Service agreements are not subject to the Lemon Law.

The Arizona Lemon Law also covers any used car sold “as is” without an express warranty if the vehicle suffers a major component breakdown within the first 15 days or 500 miles. The buyer pays $25 for the first two repairs, after which the seller is required to give a full refund.

It is not impossible for a consumer without legal representation to win a Lemon Law claim. Possible, however, is not the same thing as probable. The attorneys for the seller or manufacturer fully understand the specific details of the state and federal statutes, placing the buyer at a terrible disadvantage in the negotiations. A lawyer on your side makes a huge difference in receiving a fair settlement.

While most dealers are fair and honest in trying to settle warranty claims, an uninformed consumer may fail to recognize when a seller is taking advantage of them. A lawyer specializing in Lemon Law can defend the consumer’s rights and overcome unfair and illegal practices by an unscrupulous seller.

Michael J. Goodman Lemon Law PLLC will provide you with a no-cost, risk-free professional consultation to ensure your rights are protected. With extensive background in Lemon Law negotiations, and as a former prosecutor and Assistant Attorney General, Mike ensures that claims progress through the system without delay. Over 95 percent of Mike’s claims settle out of court, relieving you from attending hearings and spending much of your valuable time. Mike is committed to defend your legal rights and stand up to the manufacturer. He represents your case professionally, using unique strategies to tackle the challenges that may arise. A lone individual without legal representation stands little chance against a big company with a legal team. Michael J. Goodman is ready to join your team and fight for you.

So, what does it cost you to hire an attorney to fight your lemon claim? Nothing. The Arizona Lemon Law statute requires the manufacturer or seller to pay all legal fees and court costs. By law, the consumer pays nothing for legal services. In other words, Mike gets paid only if you win your case, and then, he is paid by the manufacturer or seller.

A few cautions about hiring a Lemon Law attorney.

  • Be wary of lawyers who say they will take their fee out of your settlement money. The Lemon Law clearly states that the manufacturer must pay the attorney fees.
  • Disregard lawyers who do not specialize in Lemon Law cases. Lemon Law is not part of the law school curriculum. Only a lawyer with experience in Lemon Law understands the nuances of the law and provides you with competent representation.
  • Run from lawyers who think they are mechanics and try to diagnose your vehicle’s problems and how to fix them. Good lawyers rely on professional mechanics to identify the source of your car’s issues. The lawyer’s job is to know the law, not how to fix your car.
Like every legal proceeding, a Lemon Law case does not work a fixed time schedule. Historically, however, Michael J. Goodman’s cases typically settle in thirty to ninety days. While your case is active, Mike keeps aprises you of the progress of your claim and discusses the settlement offers with you. He will ask you to provide records from the manufacturer or dealer and to explain your understanding of the recent repair problems.

Many Lemon Law claims do not come before a judge. Mike tries to settle quickly by negotiating directly with the seller. If negotiations break down, the claim may go to arbitration, where a third-party hears both sides of the claim and offers a solution. Only when arbitration fails does the claim go to court. Legal representation can help you in every phase of your claim. The seller is more likely to settle your claim favorably when they face an attorney on your see protecting your rights.

Michael J. Goodman, the preeminent Lemon Law attorney in Gilbert, Arizona, will expedite your case. Mike has built his practice on the principle of “Client First.” Other firms will charge you an initial fee to take your case, or they may require you to pay them out of your pocket if you choose not to settle and force the case into court. Not so with the Michael J. Goodman Lemon Law PLLC. In the initial consultation, he describes the full settlement process and gives you an estimated timeframe for each step. Mike keeps you in the loop during the entire process. His effective communication will provide you peace of mind and confidence. And according to the law, he receives payment only from the seller or manufacturer, never from you, the client.

Michael J. Goodman’s extensive experience assures you that your case will proceed in a professional and timely manner. When you talk to Mike, ask questions about the Lemon Law and your case, and make sure you provide complete and accurate information. Working together with Michael J. Goodman Lemon Law PLLC, you can resolve your case quickly and fairly.

Lemon Law cases can be time-consuming, frustrating, and complex. Experience with the process is crucial. As a consumer, chances are, you have never filed a Lemon Law claim before. Remember that the seller has dealt with such claims many times, which is why they hire lawyers. Without experience in Lemon Law, you are at a distinct disadvantage. You don’t know what you don’t know, and you have just one opportunity to figure it all out and get it right on your first try. One mistake can destroy your claim and stick you with that sour lemon.

Even if you manage to worm your way through all the legal wrangling, you may still end up with less than you deserve. The Lemon Law entitles you to full compensation—a full refund, a replacement vehicle, or a satisfactory repair of the defect. Don’t settle for anything less than a fair and honest settlement.

As soon as you think you have a lemon, contact Michael J. Goodman Lemon Law PLLC. Don’t waste time and energy trying to resolve your claim by yourself. Without extensive knowledge of your legal rights, one wrong step may cause you to lose everything. Mike knows the details of Arizona’s Lemon Law. He understands the convoluted workings of the law and how to adjust when things get sticky. Michael J. Goodman Lemon Law PLLC in Gilbert, Arizona, offers the legal support you need to unload your lemon quickly. Trust Mike’s professional ability and extensive experience to protect your rights and win your case.

When looking for the best Lemon Law attorney in Gilbert, Arizona, look at the record. Michael J. Goodman is a successful Lemon Law attorney with a proven track record. As a specialist in Lemon Law, Mike treats you as an individual with his “Client First” philosophy. Nor does he shuffle you off to a paralegal or junior staff member. When you hire Mike, you deal directly with Mike and only with Mike. He answers every phone call personally and provides a totally personal experience. Your case will get the attention it deserves.

Another factor that sets Michael J. Goodman apart from the rest is his ability to settle Lemon Law claims for RVs. Most law firms won’t touch an RV case. Mike is not daunted by the added complications of RV cases. If your lemon is an RV, look no further for the help you need.

Wondering if you have a case or when the time is right to take legal action? Michael J. Goodman is ready to consult with you and guide you in making the right decision. Request your free, no-obligation consultation from Michael J. Goodman Lemon Law PLLC today.

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