What To Do If You Have Bought a Lemon Car?

Buying a new vehicle is an expensive and sometimes tricky task. When you’re investing so much into a new car, the last thing you want is to unknowingly buy a defective vehicle that will end up being a source of trouble, risk, and financial burden. Fortunately for vehicle buyers, Arizona has enacted “lemon laws” that help protect buyers from these types of situations. If you believe you may have accidentally bought a lemon car, take a look at these five tips from a leading Tempe lemon law lawyer to help protect your rights and increase your chances of a good legal outcome.

5 Lemon Lawyer Tips To Guarantee a Favorable Outcome After Purchasing a Lemon

1. Know Your Rights as a Consumer

Before you pursue a lemon claim on a vehicle you’ve purchased, it’s crucial to fully understand all of your legal rights as a consumer. Doing your research in advance can help you find the reliable and accurate information that you need to prevent mistakes in your legal care or missed opportunities. Don’t forget that lemon laws vary between states, so be sure to check for information that is specific to Arizona. The statute of limitations on lemon laws will also vary, so don’t delay because filing a claim too late can eliminate your chances of compensation.

2. Consult with an Experienced Arizona Lemon Law Attorney

Most vehicle manufacturers and auto dealers have a high-end legal team working diligently on their behalf, so reaching out to an Apache Junction lemon law lawyer who understands the laws and regulations can significantly increase the likelihood of a successful legal outcome in your case. Although hiring an attorney is not required to file a lemon lawsuit, an experienced attorney can provide crucial guidance to you through your legal options and help you get the full amount of compensation you deserve.

3. Maintain Plenty of Documentation

In order for your lemon law case to succeed, you’ll need to have detailed records about everything related to your lemon vehicle and its purchase. Records can help you create a meticulous timeline of all of your vehicle’s issues. The more information you can provide for your Chandler lemon law attorney, the better. Having necessary documentation available will help build a strong case in your favor. This includes all receipts of repairs and service, detailed descriptions of the mechanical problems in the vehicle, repair orders, transcripts of conversations with the manufacturer, sales receipts, and any other relevant paperwork or correspondence that can provide evidence that your vehicle is, in fact, a lemon vehicle that falls under Arizona’s lemon laws. Do not make the mistake of assuming that the car dealer, manufacturer, or even the service garage will maintain copies of these essential documents; make and keep copies of everything for yourself and your attorney. The more quality evidence you provide to support your lemon law claim, the higher your probability of winning your case and compensation.

4. Decide Which Solution You are Looking for in the Case

To make sure that everyone who is involved in your lemon case is on the same page, you’ll need to decide what type of remedy you are looking for in your case. Arizona lemon laws give you a choice between having your vehicle replaced or purchased back from the manufacturer. Additionally, depending on the circumstances, you may be entitled to additional compensation for damages. Your Gilbert lemon law attorney can help you understand your legal options and what damages you may be legally entitled to as a result of purchasing a lemon.

5. Take Good Care of Your Vehicle

It takes time for a lemon law case to move through negotiation and the court system. While the claim moves forward, it’s crucial to maintain and utilize your vehicle properly. Remember that lemon law does not cover any damages resulting from misusing the vehicle. Your Glendale lemon law lawyer will likely advise you to maintain a careful service schedule so that the manufacturer cannot use any negligence, carelessness, or lack of maintenance against you in the case. This includes oil changes, filter replacement, fluid refills, tire rotations, and any other servicing or repairs your vehicle may need throughout the case.

Get Legal Representation for Your Lemon Law Case

Few things are more frustrating or expensive than finding out that you unknowingly purchased a lemon vehicle. For the best chance at a successful legal outcome with the most compensation, work with local expert Goodman Lemon Law PLLC. Attorney Goodman has the expertise, legal knowledge, and experience you need to navigate the complexities of a lemon law case. Get your free, no-obligation case review by calling Goodman Lemon Law today!


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