Aspects To Consider When Choosing an Electric Car

Electric cars are getting more popular each year. In 2021 alone, their sales doubled worldwide, so they may not go away anytime sooner. However, not all-electric vehicles (EVs) are created equal. Some models are more trustworthy than others.

There are four key factors to consider when buying an electric car, which is why a Gilbert lemon lawyer is ready to explain each of them in the info below.

An electric vehicle in Arizona

Why Are Electric Cars So Popular?

EVs are growing in popularity because of money. These cars don’t have the same fuel needs as gas or hybrid vehicles. Gas prices are likely to increase over the coming years, so many car drivers are looking for ways to cut that cost entirely. 

Besides, these cars are getting cheaper and more available than in other years. There are now more EV options that include tiny models and bigger cars like pickup trucks. Another thing to consider is that these cars have similar prices to gas-powered cars. 

As a result, the average consumer prefers to spend money on an EV that fits their budget, especially if that means reducing gas use.

How To Choose A Safe EV

If you want to become a new EV owner this year, then you have to make sure you’re buying a safe car. EVs have improved their features, but that doesn’t mean they’re perfect. 

Before you end up with a lemon of a car, consider these four essential elements when buying an EV. By doing this, you won’t have to call a San Tan Valley lemon law attorney often

Try Not To Buy Brand-New Year Models

This advice is useful regardless of the type of car you’re buying. When a manufacturer launches a new year model, there’s a risk for issues, even if it is only a redesign. 

New designs or launches haven’t been road-tested as much as the third or fourth-year model. The manufacturer’s more likely to find issues with the brand new model, making the car a bit more dangerous.

Therefore, you should buy only second, third, or fourth-year models. This guideline is more relevant with EVs because their technology is more recent. Most brands haven’t had time to work the issues with new releases. It’s better to choose models that have been on the road for a few years (for example the Nissan Leaf or Toyota Prius).

Do Not Forget To Check The Battery History

The most notorious difference between traditional cars and electric ones is the engine. As you can guess, EVs rely on batteries to run. These batteries are more expensive than traditional engines, and they are also harder to find. Moreover, you may need to replace them after using them for a few years.

We recommend you research the battery before buying an EV. Any Scottsdale lemon law firm would advise you of this to avoid issues in the long term. 

Each battery has its weaknesses, benefits, and expected lifetime, so you should check on that when buying a new EV car.

Stay Alert To The Driving Range

You cannot forget about the driving range when using an EV. Most EVs have a driving range of 150 – 300 miles nowadays, but that can make a huge difference depending on your daily routine. If you have to drive long distances, then you need an EV with enough driving range for those activities. 

Check driver reviews and Consumer Reports to know more about that. Don’t take just the manufacturer’s word because it is not always exact. Reviews can give you a less biased report on this topic in real-world situations.

Buying a car with enough driving range is important because charging stations are not as common as gas stations. The last thing you want to experience is to run out of power in the middle of nowhere.

Make Sure You Understand How The Warranty Works

Car manufacturers must offer you a warranty when you buy an EV. This is necessary protection with any car. You can always count on a Phoenix lemon attorney if you have doubts about the warranty and you feel your car is a lemon. 

Make sure that your new-car warranty covers things like engine, axles, driveshafts, critical engine components, and transmission. 

If you’re lucky enough, your EV warranty may also cover electrical components, steering components, EV batteries, and safety features.

You have to know what’s covered by your vehicle’s potential warranty before buying it. Most dealerships that offer better warranties are 100% secure in the quality of the cars they sell. 

Do not forget to check the length of the warranty as well. Some warranties cover the last five years or 60,000 miles, while others expire after three years of 36,000 miles of use. Check this before buying your car to know how long you’re covered. 

Get a Free Case Evaluation With Goodman Lemon Law

Did you already buy an electric car but it’s not what you expected? Don’t worry, there’s always a solution for that. You should first check your possibilities with the manufacturer to see if they can repair, replace or even refund the car completely. 

But, since this is a delicate process, you can contact Goodman Lemon Law for better help. We are here to offer you a free case evaluation and legal representation for lemon law issues. Contact us now for more!


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