Keep In Mind These Crucial Factors Before Buying a Used Car In Arizona

The thought of buying a used car is not always the best. It might bring a lot of emotions, from stress to demotivation, or even anxiety because you are not sure about the outcome. If you’re doubting about buying a used vehicle, then maybe it’s time for you to consider some recommendations first.

In this article, you will see 5 important things to keep in mind before buying a used car. You will also see when it’s the best time to contact an Arizona Lemon Attorney.

Although buying a used car may feel like a first date for some people, it may also be a risky move for others. Read below to learn more.

Keep In Mind These Crucial Factors Before Buying a Used Car In Arizona

If The Car Is Used, It May Have a Problem That Never Got Fixed

Many buyers prefer to purchase a used vehicle because of its price and value. Used vehicles lose the value they had in the beginning (when the car owner bought it brand new).

Additionally, if you’re lucky enough, the used car may be well-maintained. But, the thing is that luck won’t be enough to pay for an overlooked maintenance problem.

If the car had many problems with the first owner, it may end up being a “lemon” so that the first owner can reduce expenses with repairs. That’s not always the case, but it is certainly common.

You can minimize the risk of having a “lemon” before you even set foot on it. The first piece of advice is very obvious as it is to avoid buying used cars. But, let’s be honest, that’s not always the easiest solution.

If you’re 100% sure of buying a used car, remember to consider some facts about lemon law first. You may also need help with an Arizona lemon attorney.

What Exactly Is a “Lemon” When Buying Cars & Trucks?

If you bought a car that breaks down too often, and you bought it under the guise of being reliable, which often means it is a new car, then the vehicle would fall under the lemon law.

The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of 1975, as well as the common law Uniform Commercial Code, guarantee that there’s a recourse when buying a lemon.

In the state of Arizona, buyers that purchased a new vehicle can use the lemon law, but only if the claim is filed within 2 years or 24,000 miles of the new truck or car. Additionally, the manufacturer is obligated to repair or replace the car or truck. The manufacturer can also refund the buyer.

Keep in mind that the burden of proof would fall on the purchaser because there’s probably a warranty on the vehicle. In other words, this warranty can create potential workarounds depending on the car’s issue.

As for used cars, the lemon law works in a much more strict manner. In this case, the “buyer beware” warning is key.

The Arizona lemon law offers poor buyer protection for used cars, which is why many buyers may need an Arizona lemon law attorney in the end. This lemon law covers a short period after purchase, and only for major defects that become notorious within the 15 days of purchase or 500 miles.

Be Careful With “AS-IS” Sales

Many sellers decide to use “AS-IS” sales to sell their used cars. It means that the buyer purchases the car with the condition of no warranty. The only exception is what the deal provides as a warranty (usually just a verbal warranty). Nothing else.

Even if you drive the car to a convenience store a few miles away, and then it stops working, it will be your problem, not the seller’s problem. Therefore, you should think twice before getting a car with an “AS-IS” sale.

Do Thorough Research Before Buying The Car

Avoid getting a lemon by considering these recommendations:

  • Research the car: Search for product defects depending on the brand, and also research the seller’s website or store to see reviews (if there are any).
  • Know the seller before buying: Continuing the research, remember to check other clients’ opinions if the seller is selling other cars. Check reviews through yelp, google, among others.
  • Find warranties: Check for available warranties before buying the car.
  • Ignore verbal promises: No matter how convincing the seller sounds, if the promises are not put in writing, you should ignore them. 
  • Ask for verified and accurate car history: You have the right to ask the dealer for accurate information about the car so that you can know exactly what you are buying. 

Contact An Arizona Lemon Lawyer

If you think you need more help with a car you recently bought, then you should contact Goodman Lemon Law to know your consumer rights precisely. Our law firm helps clients with any type of lemon auto purchase, including cars, trucks, motorcycles, and more!

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