Don’t you just hate confrontation? Most people do. If you purchased a vehicle with a manufacturer’s warranty, however, and it has suffered the same problem continuously despite several repair attempts, you may have a lemon—and that means confronting the car company with a claim. Be aware that the law is on your side—specifically, the Lemon Law. State and federal Lemon Laws exist to protect you if you buy a defective car, truck, SUV, motorcycle, or RV. You should also be aware that the Lemon Law is a complicated set of statutes, and you can bet the car company has a staff of lawyers who know the law inside and out. Where does that leave you, the consumer? Not in a comfortable position, to be sure.

Manufacturers always prefer customers to file their lemon claims and resolve their cases independently, without professional help from a Lemon Law attorney. They know they have the advantage of experience and legal expertise on their side, leaving you at a distinct disadvantage. Still, doesn’t it make sense to try to handle your case yourself and avoid high-priced lawyer fees? After all, the law is on your side, right?

What if I can’t afford an attorney?

As it turns out, fighting against a big car company on your own doesn’t make sense because the federal Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act (the federal Lemon Law) stipulates that the manufacturer must pay the fees of the attorney representing the customer. In other words, hiring an attorney to settle a lemon claim costs you nothing. Customers often end up with less compensation if they go solo, whereas a professional attorney can help you recover your claim’s full value to which you are entitled by law.

Lemon Law lawyers are experts in their field. Those who specialize in Lemon Law cases know how to handle the situation smoothly and efficiently. An inexperienced consumer, on the other hand, is doing this for the first time. Experience makes a huge difference. With a professional on your side, you have leverage in negotiations. Your chances of making legal mistakes are reduced, and you don’t have to worry about every little detail of the case—worrying is your attorney’s job.

If you are an Arizona resident, request a free, no-obligation consultation from the Law Office of Michael J. Goodman. Michael is a Lemon Law lawyer with years of experience handling hundreds of cases just like yours.

As an ethical attorney, Michael Goodman does not charge his clients a penny for his services. Instead, he uses the “fee-shifting” process, where he notes all his time in the case and then gives the bill to the manufacturer. If the company balks, Mike takes them to court because that’s how the law is written, and Michael knows the law.
Not all attorneys are created equal, however, and not all lawyers are experts in Lemon Law. When looking for a skilled lawyer to handle your Lemon Law case efficiently, don’t jump at just any lawyer.

Beware of inexperienced Lemon Law lawyers

Becoming a lawyer requires a lot of education, and lawyers who pass the Bar Exam in their respective states are certainly educated in the general tenants of federal and state laws. Law schools, however, don’t teach Lemon Law courses. It is a unique area, and most lawyers have never handled a single Lemon Law case before. Savvy lawyers take cases in only those fields in which they are experts—personal injury lawyers focus on personal injury cases, criminal law attorneys take only criminal related cases, and so on. Good Lemon Law lawyers don’t deal with other cases—they take only Lemon Law cases. Michael J. Goodman of Mesa and Phoenix, Arizona is one of the best Lemon Law attorneys in his state. Mike became an expert in this area by handling hundreds of Lemon Law cases over the years.

So, before hiring an attorney for your case, make sure to ask this one question: How many Lemon Law cases have you handled?

Watch out for lawyers taking a percentage of your claim

If your attorney is asking to take a percentage of your repurchase or replacement recovery as a legal fee, then it is a sign that they are not a good choice. No Lemon Law attorney should ask for a payment from the client on those types of settlement. Again, the manufacturing company is required to pay your legal expenses. If you find a lawyer who asks to get a percentage from your recovered amount, immediately say no and search for some other professional Lemon Law firm to fight your claim. Likewise, be wary of attorneys who have provisions to charge you should you not want to accept a certain settlement. Michael Goodman will explain the fee policy upfront during your initial consultation with him. He will never ask you for a penny.

Shun hyped promises

Another thing to watch for while looking for a Lemon Law attorney is the too-good-to-be-true promises of fabulous settlement amounts before the lawyer has even looked at your case. A reputable Lemon Law expert promises nothing out of the blue.

Michael Goodman is an excellent example of how a trustworthy lawyer handles a case. He evaluates your claim thoroughly and understands the whole situation, and only then will he tell you what is possible and what your options are. He will never misrepresent the value of your case with wild expectations. The Lemon Law entitles you to a full refund for your car or a replacement vehicle. Anything grander than a refund is a bogus promise. Pursuing a Lemon Law claim is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Michael makes sure you are compensated according to the law. He stands up for your rights.