You think you bought a perfect car, but after driving it for a while, your “perfect” car turns out to be anything but perfect. You are more than a little irritated because you were enjoying your new car, and now you’ve discovered it’s defective. Defects may not just be inconvenient, they can also be dangerous. Sometimes, a defect is so severe that it poses a serious safety threat to you.

Fortunately, car buyers are protected by federal and state Lemon Laws. Numerous myths surround the Lemon Laws, however, that can make you wonder if you have a claim and if it’s worth your time and effort to pursue it. You need to understand the truth about these laws at both the federal and state levels.

If you are an Arizona resident, let the Lemon Law Attorney Michael J. Goodman explain the Lemon Law myths and unveil the truth behind them.

Myth 1 – Lemon Law Cases Can Take an Eternity

The first myth that most often confuses consumers is that Lemon Law litigations are intricate and get tied up in court for several months or even longer. Though some cases indeed take a long time to resolve, most Lemon Law processes can be concluded in only a few weeks or even less.

Of course, it depends on the completeness of the information you provide to your lawyer. Try to document every detail about your lemon car, from the paperwork at the time of purchase to the comprehensive repair records that have been performed so far on your lemon. Complete and accurate records help your lawyer save time in resolving your case.

Myth 2 – My Used Car Is Not Covered by the Lemon Law

Some consumers believe that Lemon Laws are only applicable to new vehicles and not to used vehicles. This belief is not entirely true. Your state’s Lemon Law also protects the rights of the used car owner under certain conditions. If your second-hand car is still under the manufacturer’s warranty, you are entitled to protection under the state Lemon Law. You can make a claim and even file a lawsuit for your lemon vehicle and expect compensation. If you still have doubts and you are a resident of Mesa or Phoenix, Arizona, request a consultation with Michael J. Goodman and let him clear up your misinformation.

Myth 3 – I Won’t Get a Full Refund

Many buyers think their car’s buyback award will be at used-market value. They may also fear that money they have paid out of their pockets during the repair process will not be reimbursed. This isn’t the case. The refund value of your vehicle is based on the car’s original value as a new car, not its value today as a used car. The only amount that can be deducted from your settlement is for mileage driven before the vehicle’s problems started happening.

In addition, you may also get a refund for the vehicle’s insurance costs, service fees, rental vehicle costs, and associated financing & registration fees. You will not get reimbursement, however, for aftermarket parts, so it’s best to avoid non-manufacturer parts. Take your car only to the dealership or manufacturer-authorized repair shop to have your car serviced while your vehicle’s warranty still exists. Avoiding unauthorized service and repair shops will simplify your case.

Myth 4 – My Vehicle’s Warranty Has Expired, So I’m Not Protected

This is one of the most common Lemon Law myths. The truth is that you can still get compensation if your vehicle is out of warranty under certain conditions. If the car’s mechanical problems started and the first repair attempt was made while the car was still under warranty, you are protected. Request a free evaluation of your potential claim from the Law Office of Michael J. Goodman to confirm your case and learn the next steps in the process.

Myth 5 – My Dealer Said I Cannot File a Claim

State Lemon Laws protect the buyer, not the dealer or manufacturer. The only person qualified to tell whether or not you have a valid claim is your Lemon Law lawyer. It’s not up to the dealer. Some dealers, however, may unnecessarily draw out the warranty repair process because the car manufacturers pay them to make the repairs. The dealer gets nothing when a lemon car is replaced or bought back, so it is to the dealer’s advantage to try to fix the car. Don’t listen to the dealer. If your warranteed vehicle has been in the shop more than four times or for longer than a month to fix defects, talk to a Lemon Law lawyer in Phoenix, Arizona.

Myth 6 – The Car is Working Fine, So No Claim

This is also not true. Sometimes the car may appear to be fixed but only after it’s been in the shop for many days and after enduring multiple trips back to the dealership. If your vehicle has been to the repair shop more than four times or has been out of service for more than a month to fix warranty problems, it’s legally a lemon, regardless of whether it has been fixed or not. At any moment, the pesky defect could return and send you back to the shop yet again. Under the law, you are entitled to compensation for a lemon vehicle.

Michael J. Goodman will evaluate your case at no cost to you to determine your rights under the Arizona Lemon Law. If you think you have a lemon, don’t hesitate to talk to Mike. He knows the law, and he’s got your back.